PaulB For Alameda


I’m Paul Beusterien and I’m running for City Council in November to bring Even-Keeled Leadership to Alameda.

Our city faces numerous challenges: balancing the housing availability/affordability crisis with neighborhoods and traffic; ensuring that Alameda has the necessary infrastructure for the future; staffing to meet our public safety needs; addressing climate change impact; and managing our finances more effectively. More on these Issues.

I believe we can make our city more functional by attracting quality leaders, enabling higher levels of constituent participation, and achieving higher levels of collaborative problem solving. Updating our elections to Ranked Choice Voting encourages more representative government.

I’ve been a career software engineer at companies like Wind River and Google, where I’ve led initiatives to grow vibrant organizations and deliver products. As an HOA board member, I’ve worked to resolve numerous community challenges, including several involving the city government. More about my background.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Contact me at

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