PaulB For Alameda

About Paul Beusterien

Living in Alameda

I grew up in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan with an MSE in Computer Science Engineering. I moved to the Bay Area in 1994 and to Alameda from across the bay in 2001 after joining the Alameda software company, Wind River Systems. Soon after, I met my wife and we moved into our home on Bay Farm Island in 2004. We love being a part of this community and exploring Alameda’s restaurants, trails, and events. I commute by bike and ferry to my job at Google in San Francisco.

Community Leadership

I’ve volunteered on my local Bay Isle Pointe Homeowners’ Association board since 2012 (President 2014-2019, Treasurer 2019-present). I joined the master Harbor Bay Isle board in 2014 (VP 2015-present). In those roles, I've sharpened my financial and community leadership skills. I’ve collaborated with the city on the 2015-16 FEMA flood plain roll out and on the 2018-19 Climate Action Plan - Task Force. I am actively involved in the League of Women Voters and am actively contributing to their Ranked Choice Voting initiative.

Education and Work

After earning Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, I began my career in the auto industry before moving to the computer industry and several roles improving software developer tooling. At Wind River, I led a team across several American and European sites to collaborate on a new developer product. At Google, I’ve led the formation and growth of an open source community for one of Google’s largest mobile developer products. More in my LinkedIn profile.

Alameda's Future

In both my community and work experiences, I’ve developed my leadership and mentorship skills. I listen and apply fact-based discussions toward reaching resolutions. I’d like to build on my experiences to improve Alameda. I’m motivated to help keep the right balance between evolving Alameda for the future and keeping the great things we love and cherish about our city.